Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spotlight on Kaylee

Kaylee took our move to Mississippi by storm. She started in soccer right after we got there and she loved it. She was the only white girl on the feild and one of the most inexperienced, but she did great. We can't wait to play again.

I wasn't sure how Kaylee would be when Saylor was born. I could not be more grateful. She loves her to peices. She is careful and mindful of her, she is helpful and understanding of the fact that she is a newborn and needs me. Somehow they have a sweet little connection and it makes me smile everyday.

Kaylee turned 5 on May 9th. She had a gold themed party with a treasure hunt and gold bracelets. But most importantly she shared it with all her friends out here and loved every second of it.

A typical pout when Kaylee gets ticked...

Genuine laughter... nothing better

Always looking over her baby sister

Kaylee knows how to smile for the camera....

but loves making silly faces, too

Wearing their "Saylor" dresses on the Fourth of July

And now she is swimming without floaties! I think she is liking growing up a lot more than me!

On the ferris wheel when my sister came to visit.

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