Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Need to post

Our camera is being fixed so I have no pictures, but if I don't post now it might be another month before I put anything on here.
Last weekend we took a surprise trip to Seattle. Jake had some work to do and me and the girls were missing grandma and grandpa grandpa. It was Rees' 3rd birthday so we were lucky to be there to celebrate and spend time weith Brian, Heather, Rees and Lucy. Riley and Lucy really enjoyed each other, chatting and rolling towards each other. Kaylee and Rees mostly got a long, but every once in awhile they wanted to show the other who was boss. The weather was great and our flight home was a breeze (thanks to a little help from the Backyardigans on the Zune).

When we got home at 11pm that night, all of pout lights were on and our house was cold. We went downstaris to the thater room and the window was broken out- WE WERE ROBBBED!!!! They took a bunch of electronics, Jake's shotgun I got him for his birthday and his motorcycle! We called the police right away and made our reports. Thankfully we have insurance that will cover everything. Now it's just a matter of paperwork and waiting. Kind of ironic that my alarm selling husband got robbed. The total stolen adds up tp 14000.00

In other news, my little brother got his mission call to Tampa, FL. He reports to the MTC on April 24.
Oh, really has been awhile since I've posted. We are moving out to Yonkers, New York this summer for Jake's job with APX. The plan is to be out there April 15th. I realize I haven't said anything about his change of companies. In a tiny nutshell, the company he had been with for four year, Firstline, went bankrupt. He is now with one of the biggest competitors int the alarm industry, APX. It has been a big blessing, better oppurtunity, and way less stress, and more potential for pay. Because of the switch from firstline to APX Jake hasnt really had to work for 4 months. we feel very spoiled to have vacationed and had so much time together, Jake has been able to snowmobile as much as he has wanted. other than these few updates the Dahl Family is trucking along and lovin life.