Saturday, March 29, 2008

she's not even 2 yet

Kaylee has become my horrible addorable. She thinks everything in the house is "mine!" and is quite particular about having things her way. She wants the green sippy, not the pink one. The water is not the right temperature. She needs to be holding her shirt and all of her blankets when she gets out of bed. She loves to push the stools around the kitchen to get into the cupboards- on the search for candy or someting sweet. She has developed a new high pitched scream, which is a joy to hear when she wakes up from her naps. She likes to throw, hit and push and has become pretty familar with timeouts.

Her vocabulary is growing every day which is so cute. It really makes up for the annoying things she does. She loves to say Riley, Daddy and Toby- her favorite people. She also loves to say no, mine and stop frequently. She's having a hard time saying her f's : beet (which is really feet), beesh (fish), broot (fruit).

Kaylee and Riley in the princess tent. Ok Kaylee, you can be a nightmare as long as you are sweet to your little sister : )

finally some pictures

A few weeks ago we took the girls on a last minute trip to Florida to see our dear friends, the Hydes. John and Shelly and Goldie showed us an amazing time.

We stayed in the Gator Suite at Shelly's parents incredible home near Orlando. We went to the authentic Orlando attraction... Gatorland! We saw these gators jump out of the water to snatch up chicken hanging from a rope. There was a guys wrestling gators, but mostly a bunch of bug, fat, lazy gators just lying around.

On Sunday of that weekend we spent some time the Quigley's house in Melboure. Nate Quigley, Shelly's brother-in-law took us out on the boat to go fishing. We had been gone maybe 30 minutes when we ran out of gas. Luckily my kids were at the house because we had to wait for almost two hours for someone to come tow us back to the house. It was a ton of fun because we saw dolphins jumping nearby, enjoyed the sunset and did a little fishing. I just wish I had more pictures. It was one of the funnest vacations we've had.