Monday, July 23, 2007

At Amari's

Ok, I'm on a role. I'm really trying to be a better blogger. Jake is out of town right now, Kaylee is asleep. I figure I better post a few pictures and get caught up so that future blogs will be easy. Thank you Brian, for teaching me a better way to do it.

While I was in Utah for Seretta's wedding I had a chance to see Amari, Annika and her new baby Jerome. Annika and Kaylee played great together.

Little Jerome is so stinkin' cute. He mostly slept and ate while I was there, but was surprisingly awake and alert for a good amount of time. I just love babies his size. I must say I a pretty proud of myself for the collage I made of the pictures I have of him.

Seretta's Wedding

On July 10th Seretta got married to Mathew Soule. Their website is a little outdated now but there are some cute pictures there. Check out My hands were full with Kaylee during the wedding so I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked. The event was held at the Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake. They couldn't have picked a prettier place. All of Seretta's siblings were there and Matthew had tons of family and friends fly in too. Seretta, of course, looked amazing. Here hair was done up with pretty flowers, she had this simple elegance about her. But the thing I loved the most was seeing her genuine smile and sincere happiness. Matthew looked pretty happy too. I don't know him as well, but every once in awhile he would flash the biggest grin. It is a wonderful thing when two people are in love! I am so happy for Seretta. She found a perfect match for her. They will be so happy together.