Friday, February 26, 2010

So much to post!

Is it almost March?? I keep thinking, "this is the week I'll catch up the blog"... 15 weeks later and I'm wondering, do the people looking at this blog even want to see Christmas pictures? I mean, we're coming up on Spring here!
We moved to Washington the first week in January. We are at my parents house temporarily while we find a place to live. We need to be out of here before Kami and Scott get home. You know, 4 is company, 6 is a crowd.

Snoqualmie Falls. The girls lasted about 8 seconds. It was too windy!
One of the earlier weeks in January we took a ferry out of Anecortes to the San Juan Islands. What a beautiful place.

The girls got a kick out of throwing driftwood into the water. There is something so great about a little beach.

They could have stayed on the ferry all day. We were lucky to have such nice weather.
More to come. Be patient. It might take awhile.