Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Finally some pictures

I think I'm finally ready to post the update. It has been a crazy week and I'm not sure where to begin. Over Labor day Jake brought me up to Utah. He was able to stay for a couple of days, but had to go back to California for the extension. While he was here we got the backyard done and quite a bit done on the basement. He went back to Cali to wait for me to have the baby.

I got a chance to nest here in Utah for about a week and a half. At different times my mom or dad was here because they are working on building a house in Provo. I went to the doctor and found out I was already dialated to a 3. I was pretty uncomfortable and missing my husband so he came home and tried everything to get me to go into labor. On Saturday we went to Jake's parents house and went on a little 3 wheeler ride with our 5 year old nephew. That night at about 2:30, I started having strong contractions but they weren't close enough together. I waited until the morning and decided to go to the hospital to see if I had progressed at all. I got there about 11, I was at a three still so they made me wait for an hour and they checked me again. Still at a 3 so they made me walk around the hospital. They checked me again at 1 and said they would give me morphine and send me home until the contractions were closer together. Disappointed I went to the bathroom and walking back to the bed I had some really strong contractions. The nurse I was working with really wanted me to have my baby before her shift was over, so she checked me again and thankfully they let me stay!!

The contractions were killing me. They gave me some drugs and called the midwife to come in. By the time she got there I was at a 6 and very ready for an epidural. After the drugs set in, the midwife said just hang out until you get to a 10. She left the room and the nurse was finishing up her stuff and decided to check me again. I was a 10! So the midwife came back in and told me to start pushing.

With Kaylee I pushed for two very long hours in the middle of the night. With this little girl I had 5 contractions and pushed her right out. I guess she had a little mucus in her lungs so I held her for like 5 minutes and then they took her to the nursery for like 2 hours. I was fine with that cause I was in a lot of pain. My epidural stopped dripping after she was out so my body was shaking in shock and cramping like crazy. They said it was pretty normal and they got it under control eventually.
I was in the hospital for two nights. Jake stayed with us for a week but he had to go on a business trip to Virginia and then back to California for the rest of the extension. I will be going back to California with the two babies on Saturday cause they are missing their dad!
I have more pictures and to upload, but I've been working on getting what I have so far on here for a week. I'm hoping to add more soon.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Madison Dahl

Sept:16th 5:06 P.M. We just had our 2nd little baby!
Madison Dahl
7 pounds 14 ounces
20 inches long
dark black hair
and as beautful as can be.
We are very greatful for our new baby from above.

We will post some photos when she isn't swollen and so alien looking!
Madison came on the 5th contraction! Mom is doing great.