Monday, July 14, 2008

Hill Cumorah Pageant

Last Thursday Jake took work off a little early so we could go to the dress rehersal of the Hill Cumorah Pageant. Uncle Kevin and his family are in it this year and suggested the dress rehersal to get better seats. The place accomodates 9000 viewers- we were in the front row! We got there early enough to visit with Kevin and Michelle and a few of their kids. Their costumes were stunning and you could tell they were ready to show off their hard week of practice. Each family member had a fun role for th show. Kevin was one of th preists of Noah. Michelle told us that during practice he was asked to tone it down! The boys were soldiers and did some pretty fancy moves with their swords. Hailey literally fell off the side of the set during the destruction scene and got soaked in the water. Don't worry, she was on a rope and knew what she was doing. My hat goes off to Michelle, the harvest worker. She told us she would be doing some dancing, but she didn't tell us how much! And since we were in the front row we saw all her expressions as she laughed at Nephi on the boat. I was quite impressed with her talent! Like an idiot I left my camera. I found these pictures on someone elses website- but they look JUST LIKE the ones I would have taken!

It might be hard to see, but the guy in the hat is one of the preists of Noah, maybe Kevin... maybe some other dude with the same costume.

Jesus descended from above on a rope. It lloked really sweet as he came down the stage glowing.
Michelle told us there were over 700 members of the cast. What a fun thing to be a part of.
We feel really lucky to be close enough to go to the pageant. It was a fun thing to experience.

For more pictures and info about the pageant go to

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July and Lake Ontario BBQ

Since Jake was working in Syracuse on the 4th, me and one of the other wives, Marie, rented a car and drove up to spend the night and enjoy the holiday with our husbands. The fireworks went off at the New York State Fairgrounds. We found ourselves a little patch of grass, layed out the blankets and the treats and waited for the display. The girls loved it! Riley didn't make a peep, she just watched in awe. Kaylee got excited and named some of the colors as they burst. The were exhausted when we got back to the hotel, Good thing, cause we had a makeshift bed for Riley on the floor and somehow fit Kaylee's pack n play in the tub in the bathroom. I'm so glad we came up though. What is the 4th without your family! On Sunday the whole office got together for a sweet BBQ at the beach. The weather was perfect, the food was great, and the girls couldn't get enough of the water.