Thursday, January 20, 2011

is anyone there?

I got out of the habit of blogging... way out. Out to the point it got too overwhelming to add any updates. Plus the past year has been super busy. In 2010 we moved to Seattle, then to Baton Rouge, then to Salt Lake. I got pregnant, miscarried and then got pregnant again. Jake changed employers. The girls are great, but keep me on my toes.
So I uploaded all my pics from 2010. If anyone still reads this blogs, or even can cause I made it private and I don't know who I invited... here is a little sample of our year. Better late than never?
Ocean Shores with the Soules

Tulip Festival


Riley is still a country girl, even in Sammamish

A beautiful day with the Young boys, their favorite friends

Knudson Family vacation to Mexico

Baton Rouge-iana duck pond

Jake hunting with his dad and brothers. They got a deer!

Christmas party in Utah

We are moving back to Baton Rouge in about 2 weeks. I do have more pictures and more things to post, but let's be honest- it might take me another year to post.