Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We inherited a lovely collection of Big Band music from Grandpa Hart. Kaylee loves it. I don't kow if it's the music or the fact that the cd is pick- either way, we've been dancing to it everyday. She is in a dress, of course, because that is all she will wear.
Riley has climbed up on this stool by herself. Her sippy cup fell in the sink so she is screaming for her juice. She often finds herself stuck either on the stool or on the counter she's climbed on. Adventerous like her sister.... I'm in trouble!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We moved back into our house right after the new year. It has been so nice to be back in Lehi. Last week my grandpa passed away. It was a little bittersweet. He was old and losing his memory and had been sick for a few weeks. He died peacefully in his sleep. The funernal was this past weekend so all of my family came to town.

Grandpa Grandpa with Lucy and Riley

The men practicing Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy.

Evie Soule being cute as can be.

Melia, Kaylee, Rees Ezra, Sophie and Elliot in the playhouse. I'm sure there were more kids upstairs. These little second cousins are so close in age... they had a ball.

Sarah, Christie, Annie, me and Riley enjoying the best carmel popcorn I have ever had.

Kami, Jessica, Kathryn and Bonnie... beautiful ladies indeed!

Lucy, Rees, Riley and Kaylee watching a show. Both Rees and Lucy caught the flu while they stayed with us. Brian, Kami and some of the Hart kids got sick too... I'm so sorry!

Kami being a super aunt, reading a book to Kaylee, Riley and Lucy

Riley likes the shower now too!
Kaylee is on a pants strike- she only wants to wear dresses. In the morning she calls for me to get her out of bed. Somehow she is already in a dress! She changes dresses 5-6 times a day, usually favoring the floral one pictures and a little black and white polka dot dress that is actually Riley's. What am I going to do with this girly girly??

Riley is developing the sweetest little personality. She loves to play chase and hide and seek. She is really patient with her diva sister, but is starting to notice when things aren't fair. For the most part, she and Kaylee are the best of friends.