Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Goodbye New York, Hello... Rhode Island

We're home! We're Home! We're home! It is wonderful. I love my house, I love my yard, I love my family and friends that are here. My girls are happy to have their beds and their toys and their cousins and grandparents.

So to catch up, 2 days after I got home from Nevada, I packed up the apartment and met Jake in Utica, NY. Luckliy we were only there for one night. We headed down to Rhode Island, where the team would finish out the summer. I was really excited to explore a new part of the country. Whoever thinks about going to Rhode Island? Well I lost my camera battery charger and only got a few pics, but here are some of the highlights of the Ocean State.

Riley making a dash for the water. She is fearless when it comes to the water. She can't get enough!

Kaylee and her dear friend Olivia. We sure miss her!!!

Gotta love these girls! These pics were taken at the Naragansett beach that Marie and I went to the first week we were there.

We also enjoyed the coolest park ever! There was a huge playground, swan shaped paddle boats, a carousel, a wonderful zoo that we were sure to take advantage of. If you're ever Rhode Island, be sure to check out www.rogerwilliamsparkzoo.org.

While we were there I had a surprise visit from my sister! Kami flw in on Sunday and stayed til Wednesday. We had fun driving around Providence and got a night with no kids in Boston! We also went to the Providence Children's Museum (kind of lame) and bumped into some colleges like, Brown, MIT and Harvard. If I can get some pictures from Kami I will post about our adventure.

I have found and am currently charging my camera battery. Hopefully I can update more in the next week. Jake is out of town, so I should have some time.