Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do NOT leave your children unattended

I left Kaylee and Riley in the bath for a second while I visited with my dad and Jake in the other room. A few minutes of quite, then a sudden cry for help- I sprint into the bathroom to find Riley's face and body covered in pink nail polish! Kaylee had the time out of her life, sobbing on her bed while we removed the polish and rebathed Riley.
Here's what else my diva's have been up to...

"I'm not a princess, I'm a fairy!"

At the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. She called the trellis the princess castle.
Riley petting the biggest rabbit I have ever seen at Aunt JoDee's house. Kaylee on the swing at Aunt Jeri's house. Welcome home Justin!
Jake and Riley working on the patio garden.

Katie, Kaylee and Annika on the trampoline. Kaylee came home and said, "Mom, sit down- Duck, Duck.... Goose!" What a fun game she learned from her cousins. Riley making out with a sweet vanilla cone.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


She is singing in the tub, obviously. But what's awesome is that she pretends that the green towel is her dress. The obsession never ends....