Friday, May 30, 2008

Rockin' Rochester

A few weeks ago we moved to Rochester, NY. It's about 5 hours north of Yonkers. It has been such a good move. It's better up here for Jake and it's definatley better up here for me and the girls. We live in a complex with parks and grassy fields and usually nice weather. Another bonus- we live about 30 minutes away from Hill Cumorah.

Me and Kaylee are standing at the backdoor of Joseph Smith's house. The door was locked cause we got there early, but we peeked in the windows. It made me so grateful for the apartment we lieved in, even though we were without furniture for 2 weeks : )

Me and Riley are on a bridge over the river that Hyrum Smith was baptised in. We are walking toward the sacred grove.

Me and Riley in the sacred grove. It was such a perfect day. The grove is so peaceful and beautiful. We liked it so much we came back the next week.
Kaylee was feeling the spirit. She wanted to get on her knees : ) Not really, she just was squatting to copy me while I took the picture. Because of our sudden move we had to wait on getting our furniture. We got pretty creative making forts out of moving boxes and watching movies on the floor.

For Kaylee's birthday (she turned two on May 9th) we took her to a nearby mall that had a huge indoor carousel. She loved it. I think we rode it 5 times, a different horse each time. Are you loving my roots in this picture? I just dyed my hair back to brown, but you'll have to wait for pics of that.
This is the little meadow across the street from our apartment. We walk through it to go to the park where the swings are. But I think she has more fun in the grass. She was in love with the dandelions. In this meadow we've seen a bunny, lots of groundhogs, birds and the ultimate... Binny!!! Bambi is Kaylee's most favorite movie, so she about dies when we saw a deer about 25 feet away.

Just to compare- this is the park that we used to go to in Yonkers.

Did I mention we live right by the Erie Canal. How coolis that! Last Sunday we took the girls to the boardwalk to feed the ducks.

Our little girls are becoming best friends. There is nothing better than hearing them make each other laugh.

Riley 's teeth are coming in!!! This is a frequent expression for Riley cause she is always snorting and always drooling.
We are really enjoying our summer here. We have one month down and Jake is doing better than ever. He has installed 77 accounts and can't wait to bust it out next month. He is motivated and on track to hit his goals. We are so proud of him and always look forward to the time we get to see him.