Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm going Bonkers in Yonkers

Last week we packed our girls and our stuff in our Honda and drove 3 days to Yonkers, New York- just a half hour north of Manhattan. The drive was intense. Kaylee and Riley sat right next to each other in their careseats with the third space was occupied with stuff up to the ceiling. Jake drove the whole time, but I don't feel that bad cause I spent the majority of the time turned around in my seat (real safe, i know) feeding Riley and trying to entertain Kaylee. She watched the Backyardigans movie Super Secret Super Spy probably fifteen times. We were pulled over twice for not having license plates (new car) but both times the officers saw the girls squished in the back and let us be on our way. We stayed one night in a city in Iowa wher we go a little room the girls could run aroung in and we could watch American Idol. We all needed a serious break from the car.
So we are here now and let me tell you this place is nuts! We live right on the Hudson River in a sweet apartment- see There are so many great things close by- there is a main railroad station with trains that take you to Grand Central Station in 25 minutes. There are tons of restaurants, a library, a boardwalk by the water. It's kind of a wierd place though. If you walk about 3-4 blocks away from our building, it's like you are in a different state. There are very few white people. It's mostly black and hispanic. There are tons of vacant buildings, like 4 Dollar stores in a two block radius, little corner grocery stores that sell produce and a variety of other shops and such. All of the stores though are so crammed. It's hard to get my double stroller through the aisles. I definately feel safe here, just a little out of place.
Since we didn't bring out a lot of stuff, my days are long trying to keep these kids entertained. It doesn't help that Kaylee has been waking up before 7am every morning. Thank goodness we brought the princess tent. It has been the best toy ever (thanks Brian and Heather). We've also been watching a whole lot oh Beesh (Finding Nemo) and Peetah (Peter Pan). She asks for them every morning with out fail.
It's really late and I haven't really gotten into why I'm going bonkers in Yonkers. Basically these two little girls are rocking my world. I think I'd be going bonkers even if I was in Utah : )