Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Little Girl

Our new baby is one month old today and we are still undecided on a name. We know for sure it will not be Madison. She just does not look like a Madison. We’ve been trying out different names for her to see what fits. So far we’ve tried Macy, Gracie, Abby and Riley. The only one that I think fits her is Riley. We are still a little unsure about it- sometimes we love it and sometimes it seems weird. Kaylee and Riley… there’s a cute little ring to it.

Kaylee just loves her little sister. She always gives her kisses and pats her back. She tries to climb into the pack n play whenever Riley is asleep in there.

Daddy loves his little girls!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I am a terrible blogger. I keep waiting until I have pictures to post anything new, but my pictures are taking too long to get on the computer for whatever reason.

So a quick update will have to do. Then I won't feel so guilty that it's been so long since Ive posted.

We are back n California for the rest of October. Last week Jana accopanied me and the girls on an adventurous plane ride to meet Jake back here. Let me tell you, Kaylee did not like the security check point. While Jana was parking the car, I had to Kaylee ad baby to the gate by myself. I was fine for awhile with Kaylee in the stroller eating raisins, and baby in my arms sleeping. In order to go through the metal detector and had to take off my shoes, unwrap baby, take off Kaylee's shoes, breakdown the stroller and empty my pockets. They let me hold both babies while I walked through. I had to set Kaylee down to put the stroller back up and that's when everything went downhill. Kaylee slipped in her socks and wou;dnt go back into the stroller. I got my stuff situated on the stroller and kept the kids in my arms until we got out of the elevator and the stroller tipped over. Thankfully there was an old man with a group who got to the airport extra early who helped me all the way to my terminal. Jana made it just in time- they had already closed the gate, but opened it for her cause they knew I was in desperate need of her help. I couldn't have made that flight, with a layover n Vegas, without her. Kaylee is just too curious.

The baby did great. By the way, we are changing her name to something else. I don't know what yet, but it's not Madison. She just is not a Madison, or even a Maddy to me. So last week I called her Macy, this week I'll call her Gracie. Usually I just call her little girl casue nothing is feels right. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Anyway, little girl is doing great. She has had a stuffy nose since she was born it seems, but I finally found this saline gel that helps her breath. She still sleeps a lot, just a little angel.