Monday, May 18, 2009

In my mind I'm goin' to Carolina...

Oh yeah, I'm going there for real, too. Actually, we are already here!

On Friday we loaded up the mini-van, locked up our house and drove 2064 miles to Charlotte, North Carolina. We stopped in Denver and in Kentucky and rolled into our apartments on Sunday late afternoon. The drive was surprisingly fun and beautiful. The fields in Kansas were green, the Smoky Mountians were amazing. Every river we passed Jake thought about stopping to go fishing.
We've been here a day an the girls are stoked. All week Kaylee has been saying " We're going on a big trip to Cadawhina!" We told her there would be new toys and a pool! Her dreams came true this morning when she and Riley splashed on the apartment patio. The big pool is just a little too cold right now, but it's something for them to look forward to.
I still need to do a post about Kaylee's birthday, but for now I'll just post pictures.

Riley and Kaylee at the park with Amari's and her kids.

Riley overjoyed about the bounce house birthday bonanza at Jenn's house.

Kaylee's birthday bike!

Riley made it to the bottom of the slide!

Kaylee, Annika, Bella, Tennis and Hunter- having the time of their lives.

Blowing the candles of the princess castle cake I made. I can't believe she is three!

An easel from Grandma Wendy. Kaylee teaching Riley a thing or two.
Riding the baby pony, Taffy, at aunt JoDee's house. A birthday dream come true.

My little princess with curly hair, a new dress and cowgirl boots- growing up so fast!

Riley playing in the grass. She is usually such a happy girl.

I am so impressed with my little travelers. They made it through a three day trip across the country with only a few meltdowns.No that's not a smudged windsheild. It's the "smoke" cominng off the Smoky Mountains on our way to North Carolina. This picture obviously does not do it justice.

They thought this was worth the trip!!